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Jonathan Key is a twenty two year old designer & director living in Sydney.

My aim is to create fragile, visceral, emotional design expressed through lines, textures, photography and type. I hope that these projects static, moving or evolving will take
you somewhere special.

Latest Project: THREADS a light installation at the VIVID Light Festival
Upcoming: 01. Fashion Weekend + 02. JAYKI RE—PILOT
THREADS: An Interactive Light Installation
Grasshopper - Mirrors of the Mind
HTRK Collage
Studio Eclectic
Kyoto Skies - Beside Me
Apidemic / Everybody is a Genius
Glass Princess
Wolfmother - Heavy Weight
Oliver Tank - Slow Motion Music
Trish W (Preview)
Enter the Abyss
The Belligerents - I Don't Want To Be In Your Arms
Mosman Alder - Humdrum Star
Anoesis (Music Video)
The Gate I
Cool Story Hansel
Sounder (not) LOST (just) SEARCHING